Podcast Twelve: A Night With KiNQ

Podcast Twelve

This one brings you a complete night out, right through your own speakers!
It includes everything from a chill pre-party at home, a deep house party, a techno party and even the trippin’ after-party is included!
And the best thing is: this crazy saxophone guy is joining..! 😉

01. Beacon (Soulphiction Remix) / Jacek Sienkiewicz
02. Motion Team / Goldwill
03. Cuero Para Mi Gente (Altered Vibe Mix) / Brothers Vibe
04. Savage / Frankie
05. Perfect Circles Feat. Lopazz (Reboot’s Rework) / Alex Flatner
06. Una Rosa (H.O.S.H. Remix) / Nicone
07. Sweet Murmur / Minimono
08. Una Pena / Stimming
09. Saxophonist (Promo!) / Jon Gracius
10. Obeah / Mathias Kaden
11. Fortran (Argy’s 6’23 Mix) / Kerri Chandler
12. Love Jam / Soundstream
13. Living near Africa / Ilario Alicante & Trade
14. Elif (Dimitri Andreas Remix) / Marc Romboy
15. Tikka / Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd
16. Psycho (Burnski Remix) / 2020 Soundsystem
17. Saturn Return / Sven Tasnadi
18. City-zen / Process

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