Podcast Seven: Special Sinterklaas Episode

Podcast Seven Header

Here’s a special extra long episode of our podcast! See it as a gift from us to celebrate Sinterklaas 🙂 And don’t forget to subscribe to our new mailinglist!

01. Sonorous (Midst Of Something Beautiful Mix) / Echospace
02. Dagree / Christian Burkhardt
03. Weekend / Marco Carola
04. Revelation / Man-Da
05. Gisele (ft. Signor Andreoni & Lox) / Michal Ho
06. Analogue Activity / Dole & Kom
07. Campus / Bukaddor & Fishbeck
08. Acidly Vital / Dennis Karimani
09. Plastik / Simon Baker
10. Carbonat / Piemont
11. Doggie Dance / Trick & Kubic
12. Toronto Pronto (Kaiser Souzai’s Lost In Toronto Remix) / Steve Nash
13. Take Away / Michal Ho
14. Cannibale / Anthony Collins
15. Different Floors / Todd Bodine
16. Orange / Kevin Gorman
17. The Wombat / Teflon
18. Mad At Me / Tiger Stripes
19. Märchenwald / Automatt & Locke
20. Panic (Jochen Trappe Remix) / Goldfish

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2 Responses to Podcast Seven: Special Sinterklaas Episode

  1. Marloes en Noor says:

    Jah! De vogeltjes-/hondjesdans zit er ook in ;)!!
    Weer echt een toppodcast zoals we van jullie gewend zijn! 😀

    xx Marloes en Noor

  2. Niels says:

    While bouncing on my chair in my room, I’m realizing that this is probably one of the most awesome sets I’ve heard in a while!

    Wow. Just wow..

    Keep em coming!

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