Roger Young & Tommy Tunne not in Finals Bootleg DJ Contest

It was a fun night, last Wednesday. But unfortunately Tommy and Roger (who competed individually) both didn’t manage to win the semi final of the Bootleg DJ Contest 2008…

Tommy was very unlucky by drawing the shortest straw so that he needed to start the evening. This was a major disadvantage by the lack of people and the vibe that still had to be started. But with his freshly new vinyls he definitely managed to get it all going. After him one of our friends from D.E.M.O had to play, Alex Visser. He did a great solid performance, with cool steady and melodic tech house. Roger had to play third. With lots of friends to support him (thanks!) he did a cool but difficult set, with lots of percussions and a constantly uplifting vibe. At last Chally Cha Bana came up with some great instrumental deep techy stuff.

The jury had a hard time to come up with the final result, while all four deejays had performed at their best. Then the final results came:

4th with 92 points..Tommy Tunne..3rd with 102 points..Roger Young..2nd with only one half of a point more, 102.5.. Chally Cha Bana.. and 1st: Alex Visser with 105 points..

Bad luck! But Alex deserved it as a great deejay. After all this appeared to be the toughest semi final of all: if we had to play in one of the other three semi finals we could have been winning. Rogers 102 points were even more than ever before.. So don’t worry, we still got the good vibe going and you’ll definitely hear from us soon!

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