2.0 online!

After long thinking and hard working, it’s finally released: our updated website! Everything works way faster now, since it’s using the latest version of WordPress and all it’s great plugins. However, the design is still in development, but will get increasingly better soon.

Much is done on the integration with the KiNQ Facebook Fanpage, so everything is more social now 😉 This even includes the pics, which will be updated soon. Next to that, new schedule software is installed that allows you to subscribe to our calendar to never miss a gig again. Last but not least, we’ve also added a small hall of fame, on special request..

A special 2.0 Podcast Episode will be released as soon as the site is out of beta. So let us know when you see an error, a bug or just a creative improvement, and the podcast will be out asap! Feel free to comment below..

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