KiNQ Campingrave @ Melt! Festival was awesome!

Woooooooooow, what a great rave that was, last Thursday at Melt! Festival in Ferropolis, Germany!

With the largest tent and the loudest soundsystem, Tommy Tunne, Roger Young and Delectic rocked hundreds of ravers for the entire night.. Thanks to all for the great responses (-:

We’ll try to have all the pics and vids here asap. If you have some footage of that night, please let us know!

GOOD NEWS: The Rave Continues…

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3 Responses to KiNQ Campingrave @ Melt! Festival was awesome!

  1. lilli says:

    Indeed a great party thursday!! Thanks for that.

    looking forward the next one.

  2. Anne says:

    jeeej!! hier had ik moeten reageren, nog maar een keertje dan meeeelt de gekste!! en oja i’ve got a lot of footage!

  3. Jamie Jay says:

    GREAT SET AT MELT ’10!!! Loved it. i was at the front from start to motherfucking finish. I gave the blonde DJ (not sure which one) my business card…it was which I would love for you to check out and perhaps leave a comment on. the last track on the music page is a one hour mix of very similar style to your mixes on your podcast page. love you guys. do get in touch. xxxxxxx

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