Podcast Five: Pounding Techno Music


Finally: A fresh new Podcast recorded by Roger Young! And for those interested, playlist included!

01. Baila Sin Petit / Ricardo Villalobos
02. Squared Circle / Lucio Aquilina
03. June – Original Mix / Paul Ritch
04. Catch Me / Adam Craft
05. Magic M / Lucio Aquilina
06. Fetish / Laurine Frost
07. Espias Psiquicios (Jonas Kopp Psiquic Remix) / Plan Tec
08. Vamos A Cali / Loco Dice
09. All You Booty Shakers / The Skull
10. Vivian Wheeler / Format:B
11. China Girl / Adam Beyer
12. NAND-grind / Par Grindvik
13. Doppelwhipper (Rocco Branco & Tobias Becker Rmx) / Gabriel Ananda
14. Kreiskollaps (Federico Molinari Remix) / Christian Burkhardt
15. Put The Lime In Da Coconut / Cobblestone Jazz
16. Baila Sin Petit / Ricardo Villalobos

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3 Responses to Podcast Five: Pounding Techno Music

  1. Joris says:

    This is the SHIT! Gelijk op de i-pod!
    Respect naar mn ouwe buur!

  2. Sasja & Anna says:

    Wij zijn hier aan het bouncen op jullie podcasts! Jullie muziek is hot (maar jullie nog hotter). Rrrr…


  3. Excellent Podcast! 😀

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