Podcast Eleven: Flame Grilled

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Podcast Eleven

This one is for the summer, full of flame grilled bouncing beats!
Enjoy! And be sure to check us out at one of our upcoming gigs. Check the schedule for more info!


01. Escandalo / Chic Miniature
02. Unknown (A1) / La Pena
03. The Anger / Stimming
04. Surdosong (Michel De Hey & Secret Cinema Remix) / Steve Rachmad
05. D.P.O.M.B. (Version 1) / Ame & Henrik Schwarz & Dixon
06. Out (Audion’s Out For Infants Mix) / Ellen Allien
07. Crazy Place (Luciano Remix) / Dave Aju
08. Standing (Promo) / Sis
09. Unknown (B1) / La Pena
10. Giacynto (Alex Kenji Mix) / Combo
11. Share Your Body / Roland M Dill

Podcast Ten: Contradicting Contradictions

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Podcast Ten

Instead of the previous harmonic flowing sounds, this new episode of the KiNQ.com Podcast is all about contradictions.

From African tribe sounds to some kind of Scandinavian recipe, from minimal to Kill Minimal, from the most beautiful female voice to the darkest male voice and from the latest tracks back to 1992. This one has got it all!

“You got to believe in something, why not believe in me?!”

1. Good Love Ft. Inner City (Luciano Remix) / Kevin Saunderson
2. I Exist Because Of You (Dixon’s Stripped Down Version) / Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo
3. Sometimes / Ulysse
4. Jackpot / Marco Carola
5. Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix) / Sety
6. Luna Negra / Kill Minimal
7. At De Stella / Italoboyz
8. Tight Laces / Loco Dice
9. The Big Kazoo / Style of Eye
10. Billy Says Go / Audion
11. Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix Dixon Edit) / Ane Brun
12. Your Face Is A Mess (Itamar Sagi Remix) / Gel Abril
13. Soundclash / The Skull
14. Call and Response / Adam Beyer & Agaric
15. You Gotta Believe / Fierce Ruling Diva

Podcast Nine: Sometimes these beats just hypnotize me..

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Podcast Nine

Celebrating that the Podcast has been listened more than 2000 times now and that we have some cool gigs on the list, here’s a fresh new episode by Roger Young! And it’s a special one..!

Gently close your eyes, imagine that you are on a sunny island far far away, listen to the music and you will sloooowly fade away… Wow!


1. Annihilating Rhythm / Sascha Dive
2. Midzumba / Ronnie Parker
3. Congo Budders / Harry Axt
4. What Are You Laughing At / Delete & Baffa
5. Screw The Coffeemaker (Inxec’s Neschino Blend) / Michal Ho
6. Mogadon (Infinitize Remix) / Rick Nicholls and Asher Jones
7. Full House / Format: B
8. Floorkeeper (Stephan Hinz Remix) / Patrick Zigon
9. Evolve (Original Mix) / Prompt
10. Flight Schedule (Gregor Tresher Remix) / Delete
11. Burn My Shadow (Radio Slave Remix) / UNKLE Feat. Ian Astbury
12. Babylon / Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein
13. Eye Spy (Matthew Dekay Remix) / Sultan And Ned Shepard

Podcast Eight: Roger Young’s Bootleg

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This is a replica of the winning set I did at the Bootleg DJ Contest December Final 🙂 For the complete story read the previous post…

Click here for the playlist

Podcast Seven: Special Sinterklaas Episode

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Podcast Seven Header

Here’s a special extra long episode of our podcast! See it as a gift from us to celebrate Sinterklaas 🙂 And don’t forget to subscribe to our new mailinglist!

Click here for the playlist