Roger Young wins Bootleg DJ Contest December!

Winner! :-)

After winning the weekly final at the Bootleg DJ Contest lately, I had to show up at the monthly final yesterday. Drawing the middle straw this time caused me to be the second one to play. I was completely relaxed before and during my performance, which had a good effect on the set I did. And everybody was enjoying it with me, cool! 🙂

When I finished my set I was really really satisfied. But hearing my competitors (Patric and Eric Zwart) doing a great job also, I was pretty unsure about the final result.. But there it was: I won! With a quite big difference also 😉

So now, go check out Podcast Eight, which is a replica of the set I did yesterday. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Roger Young wins Bootleg DJ Contest December!

  1. Nelis says:

    Victory! Well done!

    Second track in the set is sweet!

  2. Anna, Lisa, Sasja, Emma, Marthe, Laura & Chen says:

    Leuke muziek! Zo gaan we goed het nieuwe jaar in.. xx

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